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Threads perineoplasty

Time of procedure
60 min
Pain level
Pain level
after 2-3 months
from 60 000 RUB
Surgery scheme
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Perineoplasty (minimal invasive) - The procedure of a perineoplasty by Aptos threads.

Threads perineoplasty is an operation aimed to reduce the gap in the vagina threshold by means of threads with barbs.

The technique significantly narrows the vagina threshold, thereby increasing the sensitivity and quality of sexual life.

The operation is minimally invasive and does not require hospitalization and long-term rehabilitation.

The indications for this procedure are:

  • gaping vagina threshold
  • incomplete closure of the genital gaps
  • decreased introcoital sensitivity
  • chronic recurrent infections due to intergenic casting
  • improvement of aesthetic appeal

Procedure: threaded perineal repair - perineoplasty

Purpose: to eliminate age or postnatal involution of perineal tissues

How it works: this procedure is performed with Aptos threads, which allow to return the initial position to the muscles of the pelvic floor, without damage to the vaginal tissues

Result: almost immediately after the procedure, the end result - after 2 months (the end of the rehabilitation period)

Important: the result may differ from what you imagine

Technique: injection of threads with distribution across all layers of muscles of the pelvic floor is carried out after preliminary consultation and determination of the number of threads

Anesthesia: local/ general /spinal

Procedure time: 30-45 min

After treatment: 2-3 weeks of sexual rest, up to a month without thermal procedures

Duration: it is recommended to repeat the procedure if necessary, but no more than once in 12-16 months

Caution: the procedure should be carried out by a specialist trained in the installation of Aptos threads