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Microsurgical varicocelectomy (Marmar surgery)

Time of procedure
60 min
Pain level
Pain level
after 2-3 months
from 50 000 RUB

Microsurgical varicocelectomy (Marmar surgery) is performed if the patient has  diagnosed one- or two-sided varicocele with a pathological discharge from the renal vein into the system of the testicular vein.

The indications for this procedure are:

  • presence of one- or two-sided varicocele
  • change spermogramm with obvious deviations towards teratozoospermia
  • recurrent type of varicocele
  • pain in the scrotum, worse with physical activity

Procedure: microsurgical varicocelectomy (Marmar surgery)

Purpose: elimination of retrograde blood flow in the system of the testicular vein

How it works: the veins of the spermatic cord are extracted and bandaged microsurgically

Result: the result is noticeable 2 weeks after the procedure, but the final effect will be visible after 3 months after complete recovery

Method: after preliminary consultation and marking, a skin incision is made in the scrotum area, with the help of microsurgical techniques, the veins of the spermatic cord are excreted and bandaged. Skin plasty is made with absorbable cosmetic sutures 

Anesthesia: local / spinal / intravenous

Procedure time: 60 min

After treatment: 30 days of sexual rest, sports, swimming pool and thermal procedures limited to 2 months;

Lasts: the procedure is permanent, and does not require a recurrence 

Caution: the procedure should be performed by a specialist trained in intimate surgery and andrology