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Age-related hormonal deficiency treatment

Pain level
Pain level
After one month of using an individual plan
Form 3 000 RUB

Aging is a process of "programmed self-destruction" that begins at 25 with a decrease in the level of growth hormone.

The good news: if you approach the aging process from the point of view of a preventive or prophylactic approach, it can be significantly slowed down, because the level of hormones determines the speed of this process.

The basis of extending and improving the quality of life if restoring hormones level and the most necessary micronutrients, rather than maintaining the "age norm".

You need this program if:

  • You don 't feel rested, even after a long sleep
  • It's difficult to fall asleep and you wake up often at night
  • Your sleep is superficial and sensitive
  • During the day you feel broken and can't concentrate
  • You have muscle and joint pain, frequent cramps and swollen legs
  • Overweight that can 't be eliminated with diets and/or exercises

WHAT DO I SUGGEST: an individual program for a lifestyle change, metabolism normalization, and body optimization

GOAL:  a new quality of life and optimization of body functions

HOW IT WORKS: a comprehensive examination is carried out with the determination of biochemical and hormonal profile, as well as genetic screening with the preparation of genetic passport, after which an individual plan is created to change metabolic activity of body's processes 

IMPORTANT: the result may differ from what you imagine

METHODOLOGY: After prior consultation, the necessary questionnaires and documentation need to be filled in. After anthropometric measurement and bioimpedance examinations an optimal date is assigned for the analyses. After passing the diagnostic stage, during the second consultation you receive an individual program and the necessary instructions for further interaction with the doctor.

PROGRAM DURATION: the program is designed for a long period and active interaction between the doctor and patient is required. 

The program requires active interaction between the doctor and the patient, the number of patients is strictly limited. 


- First consultation 3 000 RUB

- Further cost depends on the selected program